Tropical Elegance Awaits You in the Legendary Oceanfront Community of Palm Beach, Florida

Behind the tall hedges are some of the planet’s most magnificent homes and gardens. Pick up a copy of Florida Home or Architectural Digest and nine times out of ten you will see a lush spread featuring a well-appointed Palm Beach property. Our tiny village of Palm Beach boasts a relatively small inventory of incredibly luxurious home choices and architecturally designed properties up and down the island. Our committed government leaders and citizens put strict zoning ordinances in place years ago to protect the integrity of our housing stock and aesthetics associated within our neighborhoods. On the island you’ll find everything from enormous, gated trophy estates to seaside cottages…chic oceanfront condominiums to historic mid-size Mediterranean-inspired family dwellings. Tropical gardens, privacy hedges, enchanting loggias and crystal clear swimming pools all serve to set the stage for fabulous parties and gracious entertaining.¬†There’s a lot you need to know about Palm Beach real estate before jumping into the market, like riparian rights and land elevation for instance. We can guide you in the absolute right direction so you can identify a property that meets sound criteria while at the same time fulfills your dreams. Palm Beach real estate is a proven investment and was pretty well insulated during the recent economic downturn. That said, there’s still a lot of opportunities out there to buy right and we know where they are.